Gose, with Raspberries… what else.

25th August 2016 — by YOG0



Gose, with Raspberries… what else.

25th August 2016 — by YOG0

‘strange but true’

SAKIŠKIŲ ALUS: Gose with raspberries

Gose with raspberries

I’m not going to lie… I don’t like this Gose. But… that is not to say it is a bad tasting beer, quite the contrary. I personally am not a fan of fruit beers, I never have been and as open as I am to trying them (and I have tried a fair few) I just can’t get to grasps with them. So this review is a little different from the rest. I can’t say whether it’s a good or bad fruit beer, I am no expert at all on fruit beers so all I can do is give you my opinion of what I can taste, so here goes. Welcome Y.O.G to your first Gose.

This beer is from Sakiškių alus brewery in Lithuania and it’s a Gose with Raspberries. A little bit of background, Gose is a beer that originated in Germany and is brewed with no less that 50% of the grain being Malted wheat. It’s quite an interesting beer so take a bit of time to read up on it.

One positive thing I can say is that the colour of this beer absolutely blew me away, I was expecting a reddish colour but if you like a bit of fun and surprise in your life then this is totally up your alley. It was almost glowing, god know what’s in it.

I presume that these beers are best served cold, but then again I could be wrong and that may have something to do with the total lack of head. Literally, none at all. you get more head from a bottle of WKD. But I could certainly here some fizz so that was good. And it certainly smelt like beer, albeit a very fruity one. Also good.

The part that really intrigued me though was that on the bottle they mention its brewed with raspberries and salt. Salt! this is totally new to me but not a complete surprise, after all, we put it in caramel, we add bacon to our ice creams and vinegar to our strawberries, all to bring out the sweetness of whatever we are makin’, bakin’ or shakin’.

The addition of salt really seems to have done it’s job in this beer. One small sip and you are hit with this intense sharp, sweet tangy raspberry flavour. It’s quite brilliant actually, and then just when you think that all you are doing is sipping on a dodgy early 90’s alcopop this smooth subtle yeasty beer flavour rolls over your tongue. At first it’s a little strange to non fruit beer drinkers but I can imagine to the more educated it’s something that one would look for.

I didn’t manage to finish the beer, it was just far too sweet to go with what I was eating but I can imagine that on a really lovely summers day, with a couple of strawberries in hand, or alongside a bitter chocolate tart this would go down a treat.

So ok, I wouldn’t buy it for myself again but I would recommend it to anyone out there looking for a fruit beer with a twist. Even if that twist is the addition of salt.

 DOes what it says on the label, very much so.
FIZZ: light with no head

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